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Amanda Pierce

Encaustic. Instructor.

A native of Saskatchewan, Canada, Amanda Pierce  spent her childhood summers exploring and playing outside in nature.  With no television or phones to distract, her imagination introduced her to the world of art and her inherent ability to capture nature on canvas was born.  In the early years, this skill influenced by artists such as:  Charlene Dee Stauffer and Betty Warnock. 


Now residing in Alymer, Canada, she has been mentored by phenomenal artists such as: Christina Lovisa, Alicia Torrmay and Nancy Crawford.   As an artist who thinks outside the box and believes we are all artists of the soul, Amanda has been honing and honoring her artistic gifts for over 20 years.   True to her Indigenous roots, Amanda derives her inspiration from nature.  Through encaustic and mixed mediums she captures the intensity, fluidity and texture of the natural world in her art.   This spontaneous medium where hot wax, resin and pigment meets wood panels, Amanda  intuitively manipulates colour and texture to create luscious, magical works of art that allow the viewer to be lost in a meditative trance of infinite possibilities. 

Amanda is an active member of local art groups, and her work has been sold and commissioned locally. 

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