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Over it!

Thank you for your interest in participating in Over it! Used Art and Supplies Market.

Please note that this event has been rescheduled to: August 8th from 5:00pm - 9:00pm

Hello Art Studios art collective is organizing this exciting art flea market, and has several priorities to make this event a success for everyone. Please read this page carefully.

  • Over it! is open to anyone and everyone looking to sell off artwork they no longer want, and/or used art supplies.

  • Vendors can share their space, or rent it for themselves, but are responsible for bringing their own tables/displays

  • Hello Art Studios is sponsoring Over it!, and our personnel capacity is limited; therefore, we will not be replying to any emails for which the information is available here on this FAQ page. If an email is pertaining to information that is missing from thus page however, we will update the page (so please check back regularly).

Vendor FAQ

Fees / How much does it cost to participate?

If you want to sell items Over it! Used Art and Supplies Market  you can do my emailing with the subject line "Registration for Over it!" and let us know that you'd like to participate.

The participation fee is $25 and is payable in the studio on the actual day of the market (August 8th) during the set-up time. 

What does the artist need to bring for setting up?

You should come prepared with your own tables, table-top displays, hanging accessories, and/or easels. You should have your own point of sale device such as Square (and back-up batteries), or a cash system. Your can set up your space as you wish. 


Is the show juried?

No. Anyone with used art and/or art supplies is welcome to join.


What are our plans for promoting the event?

Social media. We want all participants to promote the event within their networks. Hello Art Studios will be promoting the Over it! art flea market through several available and affordable channels, but encourages vendors to spread the word to make this event a success! (Digital promotional materials will be available soon for vendors to download and use as they need).


Why did we make this like a flea market?

There are so many of us who buy art, make art, invest in a variety of art supplies, and then we are just 'over it'. What do we do with this stuff? It's not garbage. It's not always easy to sell off. But we need a sustainable solution that allows us to recover some of our investment, allow these items and products to be up-cycled, and give other people an opportunity to convert it into something affordable they can use. Everybody wins!

Will we be serving alcohol?



Set up time.

Set-up will take place between 2:00pm and 4:00pm on August 8th, 2019.

Please ensure you arrive with enough time to set-up your space. 



The building is very brightly lit, with lots of natural light. 





What size are the spaces?

There are no exact sizes, but as ask that your set-up not exceed 8'x8'. Smaller space set-ups are welcome and encouraged!

What else can I sell?

Anything related to art and used art supplies. Nothing new! If you bought art you no longer want, or if you made art you no longer want, these are what we're looking for. If you have art supplies you no longer need, this is also great to bring and sell! Items such as easels, painting supplies, paper, canvases (even if they're painted on!), old sketches, old paintings, old ceramics, old crafts and crafting supplies, etc. 

What are the admission fees?

Free for anyone to attend the market as a visitor. Learn more on the visitor's page.

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