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Large and InCharge TWO Worlds Collide!
  • Large and InCharge TWO Worlds Collide!

    LARGE AND INCHARGE IS A NEW SERIES of themed workshops that focusus on creating large scale (or big idea) artworks under the guidance of master mixed media artist, Christina Lovisa (  This is the PERFECT workshop for anyone who has ever wanted to create large scale art or big idea art projects and and can't quite figure out where to start!  If you're anything like me and see things we like either in stores or on Pinterest and think to ourselves, "I could make that", only to go home and never make that thing because you didnt know how - then this series is for you! 

    TWO WORLDS COLLIDE GONE HUGE- The second physical, in-class sessions will begin this summer and feature Two Worlds Collide - Encaustic and Mixed Media on a large scale.  Be prepared to experience true freedom in art-making as we toss aside tight or restrictive habits and trade them for unabashed creativity and play!  Even if you've never picked up a paintbrush, this workshop will have you taking home a finished, professional looking, encaustic and mixed media painting after only 9 hours of guided instruction.  Every single painting made in class will be individual, unique and in your own style.  Learn to recognize what you love, what colours suit you and your unique mark-making sensibilities. 

    Provided ($50value) -Chalk and Clay-based paints (limited colour palate)

                  - The use of stencils, stamps mark making tools, brushes and studio supplies.

                  - Encaustic foils, pan pastels and patina and tools to heat, apply and fuse.

    Needed to Bring- Your board or panel that you wish to paint on (make sure it fits in your vehicle or consider a diptych or tripych (size limitations will apply).

                  - Encaustic medium (can be purchased at studio approx $20).

                  - Your own final images (discussed at first class).

                  - Patterned fabric you like (enough to cover your board).

    Dates: 2 Sundays, July 14 & 21  (9hrs total)

    Time: 4-8:30pm.

    Cost: $599+hst





    • Cancellation Policy

      Please don't cancel unless you absolutely have to! Our instructors get paid in advance so that they can buy materials and rent the studio etc.  Our cancellation policy is a strict no refunds policy.  Because we get that life happens, under agreed-upon circumstances, we will issue you a credit note for future classes at HelloArtStudios.

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