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These Foolish Things

These Foolish Things

Artsy-Play Dates with Christina


One of my favourite things to do when I’m in a period of chaos, doldrums or winter-blahs is to carve out time to play creatively.  Join me for this brand new series of workshops entitled, Artsy Play Dates (APD).  The concept is simple - Each date we will complete a creative project together.  I will have done enough research to gather the supplies and lead you in the making but please do keep in mind, I am learning and playing too as we go along.  Collaboration is our tutor and our Creativity and Intuition will be our guides.  Bring along some drinks, vino and snacks if that’s what make you happy and come play with me! 

These Foolish Things

Assemblage Candlesticks made from cast off ephemera.

Saturday, February 29, 10-4

$149 + hst

Learning to use modelling epoxy and broken bits and pieces, lets assemble our own artsy candlesticks!   For this project we’ll need bits of old/new junk.  Ideas for sourcing junk might be thrift stores, your basement, friends junk drawers etc…. Look for bases, china bits, old candle holders (for the tops), an old lamp may be a great start?  You’ll really have to drop any OCD tendencies to be perfect on this project in order to have fun and create!  I will provide the adhesives and a “free bin” of stuff to chose from to add to your candlesticks.  I will also have paints on hand to tone down the colour or to create a more monotone vintage look.

  • What to bring?

    Bits and pieces of porcelaine, china, statues, objects, candlestics, old lamps, jewlery, etc....

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