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Personal Training for Your CREATIVE Muscles - Discovery Session
  • Personal Training for Your CREATIVE Muscles - Discovery Session

    Work one on one with master mixed media/encaustic instructor Christina Lovisa.  You've heard of personal training for your body, right?  A personal instructor can push your past your regular routine and motivate you to improve your body and health.  Similarily, a personal trainer for your creative muscles, can take you from a stasis state and motivate and instruct you to grow and improve.  Whatever your goals, whether it is to add more creative tools to your repetoire, get past creative blocks or take your art business to the next level, a personal coach might be right for you!  Now, finding the right coach/mentor is important.  I once did body personal training and didn't like it at all.  Infact I somewhat resented the investment.  For years I thought that my trainer was just too young to understand my needs and I dismissed personal training as "not for me".  IT wasnt untill recently that I realized that the problem wasn't the trainer.  The problem was that I didn't do my investigative work and find the right coach for me and my needs.  If we haven't worked together before in this capacity, I suggest we schedule a discovery session.  This way we can define what your goals are and I can properly introduce myself and what I can provide.

    I schedule discovery sessions every Monday morning, Wednesday evening or Sunday morning.  The session are 1/2 hour in length.  Once paid for, I will email you to set up a time that suits both of our schedules and send you a questionnaire to complete and bring to the discovery meeting.  Not from Ottawa? No problem.  A discovery meeting and training can also be virtual and done by Facetime or Skype! If we have worked together before, and I am the coach for you, this discovery session is not mandatory and you can skip ahead to the Packages sections.  

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