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Studio Space


Are you looking for studio space to rent? You could be part of the Hello Art Studios artist collective! 

See below for details.

Currently FULL

Please email wi

private studio space

If you would like to join the Hello Art Studios artist collective, we invite you to submit an application for consideration onto our waitlist.

Current Availability: 1 Space (contact us)

Application Guidelines and Information


We are proud to have an excellent space, fun atmosphere, and respectful dynamic at Hello Art Studios. The residents of our collective work together to find a good fit, and we will all review applications before any new resident is considered. If you would like to submit an application for us to review, please submit your application following the instructions below.

  1. Letter of Interest (500 word / 1 page, max)

    • Tell us why you think you might be a good fit for Hello Art Studios

    • Tell us how you can to contribute to the Hello Art Studios collective

    • Tell us how often you think you would use the space if you acquire a studio 

  2. Artist Statement (500 word / 1 page, max)

    • Tell us about your art practice

  3. CV or artistic résumé (3 pages, max)

  4. 10 digital images, of your most recent work and an accompanying image list. Images must be:

    • JPEG image files, PC and Mac compatible

    • 72 dpi, 1024 x 768 pixels (height must not exceed 768 pixels), 1MB max.

    • RGB, sRGB or Greyscale colour mode

  5. This must all be submitted electronically using Google Drive or Dropbox, or as an attachment in your email.

  6. Email your application to: (please note that any inquiries about space size, price, viewings, or earliest availability will not receive a reply; all of this information is contingent upon various circumstances, and will be provided only after space becomes available)

Applications are reviewed as necessary. You will be contacted with the result if you have been added to the waitlist for future consideration. Thank you for your interest in joining the Hello Art Studios artist collective!

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